Summer Across America

We selected a single image from each state in the Union for our Summer Across America gallery, on display through October on the third floor of our NYC office.


6×6 Creative Selects at the Getty Images Gallery



The Getty Images Gallery in London is currently showing an exhibition of six images by six artists.

6×6 Creative Selects demonstrates the amazing images available from the creative offering at Getty Images, the most trusted and esteemed source of visual content in the world, with over 200 million assets available through its websites. This exhibition illustrates the diversity and the immense skill and prestige of contributing photographers from a hugely varied range of specialties.

On view through 3 September, 2016.

For more information or to purchase the images, go to or contact:

Getty Images Gallery, 46 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DX  tel: 0207 291 5380

New Collection: Inspired by Design

Today we launched a new collection on called Inspired by Design where we are inviting designers to curate galleries from  We’re proud to share our first collaboration by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove.

Kirsten’s passion for interior design started at the age of 9 when she was given free reign to decorate her bedroom.  She chose an eclectic palette of rainbows, polka dots, and stripes. Now, with a more studied, subdued palette, she uses Simply Grove as a creative outlet for all things beautiful.  She started blogging in 2008 as a way to show off eye catching design and decor from all over the world, and since then Simply Grove has grown into a hang-out for like-minded creatives with a love of interiors and an appetite for design eye-candy. Kirsten has styled and designed for clients all over the world. Some of her favorite projects include residences in Seattle, Manhattan and Denver, and a commercial space in Boise.

We’re thrilled with the images Kirsten has selected for our first Inspired by Design Collection on  From the architectural to the textural they’re evocative of lazy Sunday mornings and fantastical, faraway places.

If you’re a designer interested in curating a gallery for us, please reach out: We’d love to hear from you.



How to make a blank wall beautiful

Infographic: How to make a blank wall beautiful.

Infographic: How to make a blank wall beautiful. has a :30 Spot on fyi network!

We are proud integration sponsors of Homegrown Makeover with Frederique and Carter on fyi network.  Watch our spot! And tune in to fyi network on Saturday mornings at 11 (through 2/9/16) to see the show.


It’s a Jungle in Here! Tips for Taming Wild Walls

How to welcome the wild to your walls…

Whether you’re looking to add some pizzaz to a man-cave, need a fun idea for a nursery, or simply want your living room to feel like the Amazon, jungle-themed decor is a great way to spice up any space. It’s easy to get carried away with tropical, jungle decor because the colors and patterns are big, bold, and bright. But, if you carefully plan out your ideas, you can bring the jungle inside in an exotic yet tasteful manner. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you embrace the wild life without overdoing it.

trees in jungle

1) Plan around green

More than likely, your jungle-themed room will be overflowing with green. The key here is to pick a few hues and layer with the color. We recommend starting with green walls as a base. Choose a light green hue – perhaps a mint. Then, you can add darker greens throughout with photographs, plants, pillows, and furniture.

2) Have a favorite animal focal point

Instead of overloading with every jungle animal you can think of, have your favorite animal print be the focal point of the room. Then work around that as to not clutter the room with tons of animal prints and patterns. At, you’ll find a slew of awesome jungle animal prints that really add to the decor of a jungle-themed room. From cheetahs to monkeys to exotic reptiles and birds, we have a everyone’s favorite in our Jungle Collection.

Monkey in Jungle bird in jungle jaguar in jungle









3) Don’t introduce too many patterns

It’s important to be thoughtful and selective about patterns. We recommend leafy greens or tropical florals to complement the rest of your décor. Stick to similar hues and choose patterns before beginning to decorate. Make sure the patterns match your photographs and furniture.

4) Add plants!

One of the most immediate ways to complete your jungle-themed room is to finish with plants (real or fake). Place bamboo or potted plants around the room to really embrace the theme and unleash your wild side.

Looking for awesome jungle-themed photos to make your exotically decorated room that much more breathtaking?! You’re in luck! is running a promotion on our Jungle Prints. Browse through a variety of jungle-themed prints perfect for any space.

Fresh Walls for Fall

When it comes to revamping a room this fall, add an element of appeal. While paint and furnishings can considerably influence the look and feel of a space, nothing transforms a room quite like a spectacular photograph. So refresh for fall and choose from a collection of front-runners. Specially curated for their ability to make an impact, these photos range from dazzling places to distinctive personalities.

Emphasize design and focus on form in an entryway or living room. Showcase the brilliant balance of the Guggenheim Rotunda or the organically stunning composition of the Great Barrier Reef.

Softened colors and subtle patterns can do wonders for a bedroom. Create a tranquil ambiance with prints like these:

Light up a space with an electric sunset over London or the filtered sun beams of the Grand Central Station.

Highlight your love of travel with eye-catching photos. The crisp white sail of an outrigger on the Indian Ocean or the silhouette of an airliner bound for adventure can spark wanderlust in anyone.

Or instill inspiration in your office space or study with the help of some friends:

Captivating photographs have the ability to transform, inspire and uplift any space, so when it comes to decorating this season, start fresh and get creative with your walls.



Canvas Prints for Dorm Rooms

Decorating a dorm room is one of the most anticipated parts of the college experience. And with school just around the corner, it’s time to kick planning into full gear! Whether you’ve spent countless hours on Pinterest loading up on dorm room décor and inspiration, or you’re overwhelmed with where to begin, has the photography you need to create a cozy home away from home.

We have a variety of very affordable, easy to transport canvas prints that will turn any dorm room into the living space you envision – with different images and themes to fit each unique style. If you’re not sure where to start, browse our Dorm Room Chic section. Here you’ll find a wide selection of prints ranging from bold and bright graphics to chic black and white options. Look through photographs of important historical figures and iconic hollywood legends.

Frothy Beers Canvas PrintPalm Trees at Dusk Canvas PrintYou Can Do It Canvas Print

If you’re a music lover, hang stunning prints featuring The Beatles, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, and many more classics. Animal lovers, search through cool shots of wild animals in breathtaking habitats. For a more relaxed, soothing feel to your dorm room, try landscape shots of peaceful scenery. Sports fans, rejoice. We have a ton of amazing graphics featuring sports legends and your favorite teams.

Black and White Bob Marley Canvas PrintDecorated Yak Canvas Print








Our canvas prints are ideal for hanging in dorm rooms because they won’t rip or tear like posters. We make the process easy for you with customizable framing options. Mix and match different shapes and sizes to create an aesthetically pleasing feel that will stun all. has a little something for everyone to make decorating your dorm easy and fun.

Don’t wait! Now through August 2nd, save 15% + FREE SHIPPING (continental US only) on your favorite canvas prints sitewide using code BTS15. S tart planning today!

2015 July Photos of the Day Gallery

Decorating with Vintage Photography | The Haven

The artwork you place on your walls is a supremely personal thing—it makes a statement about your tastes, tells a story about your past, or serves to pull together the decor in a room. The great thing is—you no longer need to spend a lot of money to have beautiful pieces on your walls. There are numerous online retailers that are making high-quality art affordable for young professionals. You can find personalized prints on Etsy, or pick up a limited edition print from 20×200. There are affordable framing companies, like Simply Framed, that make framing your artwork easy. As we’re in the business of making interior design cost-affordable, these are concepts we can get behind. Some people love paintings, others frame their instagrams, others still love a fun, letterpress print with their favorite quote. Me? I love vintage photography—it goes..

Source: Decorating with Vintage Photography | The Haven